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The Rochester Yacht Club offers a beautiful venue for boating adventures on Lake Ontario off of the Genesee River. With our wide range of program offerings and trained staff, we have programs for all levels of sailors and all different types of watercraft! Whether you are looking for an introduction to sailing and the water for a 6 year old, want to cruise or race a keelboat, or want to learn how to safely operate a powerboat, we have an instructor and a program for you! We look forward to helping you find a lifetime of happiness on the water. 

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Women's Racing Association

The purpose of Women’s Racing Association: To create a supportive environment for women to learn to race, refine their racing skills, and have fun on the water.
 12 May - 25 Aug
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 WRA bring your own boat ($550.00 discount)Member #:

Basic Keel boat 2016

Members: $320.00 Non-Members: $480.00 **Prices include text** Pre-Requisite: Learn to Sail, or ability to demonstrate skills necessary. The twelve-hours of “Basic Keel boat” provide experience in a 23ft boat called a Sonar and teach more advanced skills. After passing the Basic Keel boat on-water evaluation and the US SAILING multiple-choice written test, you will be deemed competent to sail a small keel boat safely on your own. You earn a Basic Keel boat sticker for your official US SAILING Logbook, certifying your sailing skill level. This can help qualify you to charter sailboats from rental agencies here and abroad. You also receive one year’s US SAILING membership. Note: Participants must be at least 18 years of age.
 29 Aug - 29 Aug
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US Powerboat Handling Course

This sixteen hour, on-the-water course is for anyone who wants to learn how to safely operate a powerboat or improve their on-the-water boat handling skills. No experience necessary. The topics are covered using a variety of techniques in the classroom and dockside, emphasizing on-the-water practical application of all skills. Class needs at least two students in order for it to run.
 27 Aug - 28 Aug
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 10 Sep - 11 Sep
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Fall Opti Team 2016

The Fall Opti Race Team will provide current opti sailors with an opportunity to race after the summer season ends, and to prepare them for high school sailing in the future.The fall opti team will practice on Monday and Friday afternoons from 3:30-6:30pm. During the season sailors will work on the basics of racing including; starts, tactics, rules, sail controls, boat speed, mark rounding, and sportsmanship.
 09 Sep - 07 Oct
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Fall High School Sailing 2016

Our high school sailing program is open to any student grades 7-12. We currently host a large number of high school teams from the area. You do not need prior sailing experience to join this program. Our high school teams sail in the spring and fall seasons and participate in local, regional, and national regattas. If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Waterfront Director.
 06 Sep - 11 Nov
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Adult Learn to sail August 2016

*Minimum of 2 students per class The 12 hours of “Learn to Sail” are a prerequisite for “Basic Keel boat”. They offer beginners, and experienced crew members alike, hands-on sailing experience and confidence to helm a sailboat with the knowledge of the Rules of the Road. Instruction begins in the boats (Ideal 18 or Sonar), on the water, in the first lesson. After about an hour’s orientation you will sail the boat out! You can learn how to rig and secure sails, lines and gear; steer by the wind; trim sails properly; recover an overboard victim; dock and undock your sailboat. You’ll tie the few basic nautical knots, be exposed to nautical terms and can learn the Rules of the Road on the water. Note: If an experienced crew can demonstrate these skills in the first lesson, he/she may advance directly to the Basic Keel boat lessons without additional charge. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. *Course dates listed will be for your FIRST lesson. Students next lessons will be scheduled with the instructor after the first lesson.
 25 Aug - 25 Aug
 28 Aug - 28 Aug

Adult Discover Sail August 2016

Minimum of 2 students per class The RYC Discover Sailing Experience Course is the perfect introduction into sailing. You can participate in a fun two hour sail with a partner, group of friends, work colleagues, or family for a minimal fee. Discover your love for the seas and sailing on this short cruise. Discover Sailing is a great opportunity to find out just how fun, safe, accessible, and affordable sailing is and enjoy the great social club environment. A qualified certified Instructor will be out on the water with you, ensuring your safety. Discover Sailing Experiences are held on a Keelboat. Our Keelboats allow you to learn to sail without the fear of capsizing. The Discover Sailing Experience is ideal for people who have never been sailing and have no sailing knowledge.
 27 Aug - 27 Aug

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